18. Physical Security

Physical security is just as important to a cybersecurity specialist as technical security is. Why is that? Well, how can we protect our systems when someone can walk right through the door and take it?

That’s why a cybersecurity specialist will use a layered defense model. Think of the perimeter, the building grounds, entrance, offices, and data centers.

Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) has three main strategies:

1. Territoriality

2. Surveillance

3. Access Control

This through science has proven to deter attackers from a psychological standpoint. If the place looks like a fortress, it can stop an attacker from even trying to enter.

Many different tools exist to enhance the your physical security. Think about lighting, fences, CCTVs, bollards, doors, locks, access cards, alarms, man traps, guards, dogs, motion detection, fire protection, cable locks, etc. As a cybersecurity specialist these will be controls you will be looking over throughout your career.

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